About Us

W E L C O M E  to JS Scent Candles!

JS Scent Candles was founded in 2022 by our owner Semira, she started this brand out of her love for not only beautiful smelling candles but also her love for home decor and adding in a touch of sophistication to her home with unique designs and scents. 

As she juggles her full-time job along side her growing business, it's her dream to take JS Scent Candles full time to allow more Australian Homes to feel the love and joy of the JS Scent Range. 
We pride ourselves on choosing to be an eco-friendly brand with a strong focus on using recycled & sustainable products. 
We hope you love our range as much as we love creating each and every piece.  


JS Scent Candles Co is an Australian based business who's mission is to add an extra touch of comfort, style and aura to your home.


We value top quality, eco-friendly, sustainable products and will ensure you have an amazing experience with not only our candles and products but our brand as well. If not, please write to us and we will make it right.

 Thank you for choosing to shop with us.


JS Scent Candles